High-resolution printable pictures within five minutes without looking like a video game from the 90s

You'd like a high-quality print for a photograph that you want to frame or a logo that you have. But the printing company says that the resolution is not high enough hence the print quality won't be good

You've found this nice drawing from the Pinterest and want to make it as a desktop wallpaper. Alas your screen is too big and fitting the drawing to your desktop made it blurry.

Blurry Wallpaper

Enter BiggerPicture

BiggerPicture helps you to increase the resolution of photos and line-art graphics. Say goodbye to blocky upscaled photographs and hello to print-quality images from any source.

With BiggerPicture you will get:

  • Image scaling – print without being blurry or blocky.
  • Noise Reduction – clean up JPEG compression artifacts.
  • Batch processing – upscale multiple images in one go.
Sample Photo Comparison


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you enlarge photos without making them blurry or blocky?

Recent advances in artificial intelligence are now able to reconstruct pixels during an upscaling operation. It works by essentially making the computer “imagine” these missing pixels. This doesn’t mean that you can create a life-size poster from a 32x32 icon. However upscaling a 1x “non-retina” photo into a decent-looking but sharp 2x “High DPI” one is now technologically possible.

What operating systems will you support?

We believe that native applications would provide the best experience possible on any operating system. Our home turf is the macOS hence we would start as a native application for that platform to make it the best app we can.

Who are you?

We make apps for Apple computers. Visit our main site for more information.