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Make high resolution photos even when you don't have access to the raw originals

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Have you been in situations like…

  • You’ve found a nice graphic on the web and want to make it your desktop wallpaper, only to find that the image’s resolution is too small for your screen — it gets sized up to fit and became blocky.
  • You need to print your small business’ logo. You’ve downloaded the graphic from your website only to find that the printing company said the resolution is not high enough for printing.
  • You have these snapshots from vintage cameraphones taken early this century and there are some you like to frame. However after a trip to the photo shop, you realized that these snaps makes blurry prints.

What if you can get sharp, vivid wallpaper images that matches the resolution of your screen from any random source on the web?

What if you can make high-quality banners sourced from images in your small business' website?

What if you can get film-quality prints from those snapshots taken via ancient cameraphones?

Enter BiggerPicture.

BiggerPicture increases the resolution of photos and line art graphic using artificial intelligence techniques. Now you can double or even quarduple the resolution of snapshots and drawings while keeping it clear and sharp.

With BiggerPicture you’ll get:

  • Image super-resolution — expand the pixel count of your images by 2x, 4x, or 8x without getting it pixelated.
  • Noise reduction — fix image compression artifacts that are typical of low-resolution JPEG files.
  • Batch processing — work with multiple files in one go, for enhancing your old picture collection.
  • Life-size printing — create hundred-megapixel images sourced from mere snapshots.
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